Ombré brows / Microshading / Powder brows​

Ombre Brows is the newest and most loved trend by many women world wide! 

I flew across the world for this training with one of the BADDEST in the game (@ms_nicole_j). I hate flying and that trip almost took me out , delayed flights, sleeping on airport floors but it was WORTH EVERY PENNY! Now I get to bless people with brows. I can give you tails! Arches! Color! Life! And youth ! All in a 3 hour ombre brow procedure.

We’ve all been through the shaving , waxing phases when we were young, haven’t we ? We thought it was so cool to have thin brows back then, haha, look who’s wishing they didn’t now, huh? Thank God I’m here now, so no worries ladies! 

But apart from physically removing our brows some of women were just not born with a lot. Unfortunately, hair growth is also hereditary. We have you women covered too. Not born with it ? Let’s make them ! 

Last but most definitely not least , sickness and diseases do cause hair losses which means we can’t even laugh anymore like what we’ve been doing this whole time. Cancer is one of those diseases that causes extreme hair loss all over the body. We can help you ladies too. I want to make a difference in all the lives that I can, especially yours. 

In the ombre brows or microshading technique the technician shades the brows with pigment colors of your choice and this shading technique appears as if your brows were penciled in which gives you the “Makeup Look” effortlessly. Who does want to wake up beside their fiancé or husband with brows from the gods. Haha ! No, seriously, you literally wake up like that everyday for 2-3 years. 

Benefits of Ombre Brows

  • If you’re like me, waking up an hour before work and running to the shower jumping in uniform and heading to work, then you definitely should get your brows done. We don’t have the time for much makeup. 
  • Can’t find the time for anything anymore but those gorgeous babies ? Yes mommy duties are sooo hectic! It’s like having a 9-5! Barely finding the time to do any fixing up because you have to get these kids out the door in the mornings. Just Spare three hours and then you won’t need to worry for the next 2-3 years. 
  • It adds so much YOUTH to your appearance , it’s not even funny ! 
  • You are basically ALWAYS vacation ready. No need to worry about finding a makeup artist for every location you’re traveling to. You will always be on fleek ! 
  • Bae PROOF! Yes you read correctly. A lot of women are so insecure about their first time sleeping over their partners place. They get so fussy about how they want to look in the mornings and sometime we go as far as waking up first to put on some brows hahaha! Well with these brows, worry no more.


To be honest , there is pain but it is very minimal. All my clients agree to a 4/10. Not bad right?

Yes it does. This is the unattractive phase. Just like any regular tattoo, it scans and falls off naturally.

Yes, we do advise you stay away from the gym for the healing period because of the excess sweating that occurs while working out.

We do advise that you stay away from water during the healing phase. We want the ink to settle into the skin as much as possible before getting them wet.

Not while they heal. We don’t want you to use any product apart from what the technician advised. But after, sure if that’s what you want but I’m sure you won’t need those pencils anymore !


off, especially for you 🎁

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