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About iSlayers Studio

Founded in 2014 iSlayers Studio has grown to be the place to get lashes you desire. Whether it be that natural look or that long and fabulous look. We offer a variety of other services such as microblading, LED Teeth Whitening, our unique yet effective yoni steam, lash tint and lift and the signature European facial.

We are trained and certified by the best. We strongly believe in value and quality. We are up to date with the latest trends in beauty and will continue to strive to bring only the best to our customers.

Thank you to all our customers for your support and love over the years.

Main Services

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Experience the Art of Caring


  • Lashes
  • Full Set of Classics $8000 JMD
  • Half Volume Half Classic $10000 JMD
  • Two Week Touch Up $4000 JMD
  • Three Week Touch Up $4000 JMD
  • Removal $2000 JMD
  • Volume Refill $7000 JMD
  • Strip Lash Look Volume $17000 JMD
  • American Volume Set $12000 JMD
  • Strip Lash Look Classic $10000 JMD
Experience the Art of Caring


  • Body Waxing
  • Brazilian $5000 JMD
  • Full Leg $5000 JMD
  • Eyebrows $1000 JMD
  • Buttocks $2000 JMD
  • Chin $1000 JMD
  • UnderArm $2000 JMD
  • Bikini Line $2000 JMD
  • Half Leg $2500 JMD
  • Upper Belly $1500 JMD
  • Lower Belly $2000 JMD
Experience the Art of Caring


  • Teeth Whitening
  • One Session $6000
  • Two Sessions $12000
  • Three Session $18000
Experience the Art of Caring


  • Semi-Permanent Makeup
  • Scar and Stretch Mark Consultation FREE
  • Scar and Stretch Mark Camouflage Price given after Consultation
  • Microblading $25,000 JMD
  • Scalp Microblading $15,000 JMD
  • Microshading Touch Up $5000 JMD
Experience the Art of Caring


  • Skin Care
  • European Facial $6000 JMD
Experience the Art of Caring


  • Wellness
  • Yoni Steam $3500 JMD
Experience the Art of Caring


  • Training
  • Lash Extension Two Day Classes – $62000 JMD
  • LED Whitening One Day Course $450 USD
  • Full Body Wax Two Day Class $250 USD
  • Full Body Wax Two Day Class (with complete starter kit) $450 USD
iSlayers Studio


iSlayers Studio


iSlayers Studio

Customer Reviews

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Yes, you will get email reminders
No the site is not down. If you can’t select the time you may want, then it means it is already taken.
Book one and leave a notation with your booking . We will contact you with information.
A refill is usually 2-3 weeks after initial set. However everyone’s lash cycle is different. Some may need a fill even 4 weeks after initial set.
Microblading touch up is done 4-6 weeks later. It does depend on how oily or dry ones skin is. If you have oily skin we do recommend you come in on the 4 week mark. If you have dry skin, we recommend 5-6 weeks.
No, you won’t need to bring anything. We provide everything. Just come with your lashes squeaky clean and we are good to go.
Microblading is where we draw hairline strokes into the skin making it look as natural as possible, with this technique you will still need to draw in your brows for a more finished look; Microshading technique is a perfect way tо give уоur mісrоblаdеd brows a semi-permanent mаkеuр effect to аvoid daily morning hassles. Microshading technique сrеаtеѕ a ѕоft powdered еffесt which resembles еуеbrоw реnсіl or powder.
Ombré brows require a small needle to be inserted into the epidermis. A certain amount of discomfort is inevitable, however most clients have reported the sensation to be nothing more than the feeling of tweezing their brows.
The client may experience some redness right after the procedure which will normally go away in a few hours. The pigment initially will appear a few shades darker and can take 4 to 7 days to lighten. It is common for clients to think their brows look a lot darker than they prefer. However the color will lighten up to 40% within 7 days for a more natural appearance
This is often determined by the client once their brows heal.
As long as client doesn’t get more than 3 sessions per year , no damage of the enamel should occur